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We help create bold new businesses, unlock exponential growth, and build better products and services, faster.  

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Next Wave Partners

We are a team of proven innovators, strategists, and builders on a mission to Advance the World™.

Our core belief is the purpose of innovation and markets is to transform the world for the betterment of all humanity. The best way to predict the future is to have the power to shape it.

Our Team

We are entrepreneurs, strategists, and innovators.

John Cowan, Founding Partner, Next Wave Partners
John Cowan
Fouding Partner
Next Wave Partners

Repeat founder CEO with over 25 years of early-stage company experience in strategy, leadership, business development, and financing.

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James Thomason
Founding Partner
Next Wave Partners

Deep technology expert and repeat founder CTO with over 15 startups and cumulative exits over $1B in his 25-year Silicon Valley career.

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Ben Buettell
Managing Partner
Next Wave Capital

Seasoned investment professional and venture firm co-founder with over 15 years of experience in early-stage

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Our Company


Company builders, experts, and strategists across business, finance, marketing, and technology.

Launch Year

Launched on the eve of a huge recession because it seemed like it might be a slight challenge.


We partner with technology companies and enterprises to co-create new ventures and solve the innovators dilemma.

Funding Raised

As founders, advisors, and now as a studio, we've raised our share of startup capital. Let's work together on yours.

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