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We invest in Seed stage startups poised to catch the next long wave of innovation.

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We invest in visionary founders who have an unyielding drive to succeed. Our sights are set on opportunities that not only redefine industries, but reshape the human experience for the better. We pride ourselves on being the first believers, often writing the first institutional venture capital check. More than money, we are company builders who are here to support you through your entire journey.

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Our Investment Philosophy

The future cannot be built using old blueprints. We believe the next wave emerges from empowering a broader range of innovators to succeed.

Unyielding Drive

Our investment ethos begins with recognizing determination. We're attracted to founders whose passion is unwavering, whose commitment to their vision is non-negotiable. In a world filled with fleeting ideas, we seek those with steadfast resolve, believing that true innovation emerges from unyielding dedication.

Breakthrough Potential

Where others see industry stalwarts and barriers to entry, we see opportunities. We're not merely looking for incremental improvements, we are hunting for seismic shifts. Our ideal startups don’t just fit into the industry–they redefine it. Their products, services, and business models hold the promise to fundamentally transform how industries operate and how consumers experience them.

Elevating Humanity

We're futurists with a soul. We believe that technology and innovation should serve humanity, enriching lives and deepening connections. It's not just about the next big thing, it's about creating a better world. Each investment we make is a step towards a future where technology amplifies the human experience rather than detracting from it.

Enduring Commitment

Being the first believer reflects more than just our early involvement. By consistently offering the inaugural institutional venture capital support, we genuinely resonate with and back your innovative aspirations. This isn't mere financial backing, it's our pledge to collaboratively navigate the challenges and milestones that await.

Beyond Capital

We infuse our startups with decades of experience, industry insights, and a network that spans continents. We're company builders, mentors, and sometimes the sounding board you need. We’re not on the sidelines cheering–we’re in the game with you ensuring every challenge is met.

Our Focus Areas

We prioritize startups that are poised to reshape industries, championing solutions that address real world challenges and drive meaningful societal impact.

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