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Our Process

Our systematic approach to company building enables rapid discovery, validation, and execution of new opportunities. Leverage our proven startup leadership, experienced studio teams, years of experience, and extensive networks to make your new venture successful.


Months 1-3
In the first 90 days, we discover, define and rank the venture concepts which address meaningful business problems, identifying the specific addressable markets and likely early adopters. We take a scientific approach to the identification and formulation of business problems, solutions, and markets. Our rigorous, data-driven process is backed by decades of real-world startup experience, and combines proprietary factor models together with consensus estimates from subject matter experts to objectively assess venture concepts across ten dimensions of viability. 


Months 3-6
We select at least one venture concept for validation with prospective early adopters and subject matter experts.  Senior leadership, subject matter experts, and product team members are assigned from Next Wave Partners. This core studio team undertakes detailed market research, develops prototypes and collateral, and validates problem-solution fit and willingness to pay with a small number of early-adopter customers. The overall goal is to accelerate development and go-to-market for venture concepts with the highest potential, and to minimizing time and capital investment in those not likely to succeed.


Months 6-9
The new venture is legally formed according to client preferences and the terms of our venture studio agreement together. The goal is to build the initial version of the product and successfully complete sales transactions with early adopter customers within the first 6-9 months. Product development begins immediately based on the customer-validated designs and product roadmap using venture studio resources. We begin recruiting the permanent leadership and core team to replace studio resources as the product development effort ramps up. Preparations are made to begin transitioning studio resources out.


Months 9-18
After achieving initial success through launch and iteration with early adopter customers, the goal now is to expand sales to the wider market. Sales, marketing, and support teams are scaled up to match the go-to-market plan. Venture studio transitions responsibilities to the permanent team who assumes  ongoing operations. Our engagement shifts into our Growth Accelerator program, where we systematically identify and iterate to mitigate sales, marketing, and product frictions on an advisory and management consultancy basis.

Venture Studio Services

When appropriate, we provide our venture studio clients with broad support and expertise across a wide range of functions.

Executive Leadership
Sales and
Finance and Accounting

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